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How to properly clean the reflective clothing?(Hits:) 
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  First of all to know is, please hand wash, do not machine wash, and can not dry clean. The number of cleaning as much as possible less than 25 times (of course, the poor quality of the reflective clothing within 5 times to scrapped, and even a one-time), otherwise it will affect the effectiveness of clothes.
  1, hand wash, the first full of clothing soaked, and then use a sponge or cotton (do not use a brush brush or use the wash plate, that will be used to reflect the glass beads washed) directly dipped in the amount of detergent to wipe the clothing surface The
  2, cleaning agent: It is recommended to use neutral detergent solution for washing, absolutely can not use bleach detergent to clean.
  3, the water temperature: Reflective clothing with a special process, can not use very hot water, water temperature should be controlled below 40 degrees.
  4, drying: prohibit wring or dry. Clothes in the hot sun exposure, will accelerate the aging of clothing, loss of functionality. Should be hanging in the shade to dry, dry when the attention of the clothes flattened. When the clothes are completely dry after the sun can be sun drying, can be effectively sterilized.
  5, waterproof: the new to buy a reflective clothing over the water, the above will form a drop of water droplets, this is because the clothing surface waterproof treatment, wearing a period of time or washing will make this effect weakened, so wash the time should be as gentle as possible.
  6, on the ironing: clothing is through the sandwich material inside the completion of waterproof with iron selection of low-temperature ironing, can make the clothes back to the original level. Ironing must pay attention to choose low-temperature cashmere or nylon gear ironing (that is, the lowest). Do not stay in a place for too long, especially the joints pressure glue at the same time pay attention to direct ironing clothes outside the surface, do not ironing clothes inside the waterproof coating.
  7, maintenance: clothes in each washing three times should be carried out once the spray agent spray. This is conducive to the surface of the reflective clothing in the rain when it will not seepage.
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