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Reflective triangular parking warning sign(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2017-08-22
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【product description】
  1, out of driving, it will inevitably encounter the car when the problem, on the highway or the night car suddenly broke down ... At this time, you must need this very safe parking triangle sign.
  2. Before placing a warning sign, you must turn on the vehicle hazard warning light.
  3. Remove the faulty vehicle from the package
  4. Press the left and right sides of the tripods to form a regular triangle.
  5. The bottom of the rotation 90 degrees on the ground can be.
  6. put away the volume is very small, put the car after the basic does not take up space.
  Highlight reflections Safe driving: With the highest reflective performance you can see warning signs in a few hundred meters away to take precautions as early as possible.
Driving out of the essential goods: in the highway or the general road can not stop, the triangle warning card on the back of the car 100 meters away, you are close to safe, away from danger.
[With the car to carry more peace of mind] carrying a triangle warning card, you can more ways to avoid danger.
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